Eutech Instruments is a leading ISO9001 - certified company established in 1990.

PH/PC 700
The multi-parameter Eutech PC 700 measures pH, ORP, conductivity and temperature with a single meter. User-friendly with advanced features and a large custom-size display – perfect for research work on a budget!

Your all-in-one solution for multi-parameter research work in the lab! The new PC 2700 is accurate, reliable and intuitive with user-friendly functions.

Measures up to 10 parameters. Up to four channels measured and displayed simultaneously. Advanced design ensures adequate shielding to prevent cross talk or other interference.

Conductivity Meter

Con 510
Multi-Parameter - toggle between Conductivity / temperature and, TDS/temperature at touch of buttons. Multi-Point Push-button Calibration (Up to 5 points for Conductivity/TDS) - for easy, quick calibration

CON 700
The economy Eutech CON 700 offers years of reliable, accurate and consistent performance. User-friendly features make the instrument an ideal research partner in laboratories, productions plants and schools.

CON 2700
Featuring auto-standardization, auto-calibration and auto-ranging capabilities, the Eutech CON 2700 accepts 2-cell and 4-cell electrodes, allowing a broad range of measurement at up to ±1 % full scale accuracy.

pHmeter Conductivity Meter