A Standalone Chamber can be designed to simulate temperature and humidity conditions, individually or simultaneously in the same working volume. The working volume is kept at an adequate height to allow easy loading and unloading. A uniform airflow is maintained and its speed is set according to chamber specifications to ensure uniform temperature. Separate sensors are used to measure temperature and humidity, along with separate heaters and cooling coils.

The Standalone Chamber can be air cooled or water cooled as per the customer’s requirements.

  • Independent safety sensor and controller to trip the system in case of any malfunction
  • Front opening door with double wall insulation, observation window, heavy duty hinges and lockable clamps
  • Multi-pane glass of 300mm by 300mm for observation
  • Non-flammable Rockwool of 125mm thickness
  • Two pluggable holes of 75mm and 125mm for connection to unit inside the chamber
  • Inconel sheathed heaters, evenly spaced outside the usable zone
  • On-board display of all Interlocks and Protections
  • On-board or PC Software based profile generation and parameter monitoring
  • RS-232 Interface with PC for communication
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