Things to know about Laminar Air Flow

Things to know about Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Air Flow is used for maintaining a working area that is free from contaminants. It is required for many medical & research laboratories that have working conditions such that it requires a sterling environment so it is capable enough to carry out specialized work. Laminar flow cabinets are developed to carry this kind of work, they are categorized into two types Horizontal Laminar Air Flow & Vertical Laminar Air Flows. Laminar Flow Cabinets are designed to create a particle-free working environment by making conditions such that air is projected via a filter system & exhausted across a work surface in a laminar air stream. This provides a cleaned air environment for required laboratory research. Laminar Air Flow has properly arranged workstation with required components, it consists of Contraction with Matte Finish, High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), Pre Filter Glass, Air Blower, LED Light, UV Light, On/Off Switch Button, Nozzles, Gauge, Sound Level, Side Panel made of either of Polycarbonate/Glass as per requirements. Among them HEPA filter is one of the important components which helps to filter particles less than the size of 0.3 micrometers will be filtered, it is provided with an air blower and prefilter. It helps to control contamination to avoid any impairment. It is very much important especially when it comes to the manufacturing of disk drives, semiconductors, pharmaceutical products, food labs as well as in hospitals, etc. There are two lights provided, LED light to work and UV light to clean the environment.

How to USES :

Laminar Flow Cabinets are used in various medical and Laboratory applications & research particularly where a clean air environment is in demand for sensitive research.In many laboratories, Laminar Air Flow Cabinets are mostly used for specialized work.Laminar Flow Cabinets are in-demand laboratories that are ideal for general lab work, medical, pharmaceutical works, and research, electronic & industrial sectors.

How to WORKING :

Laminar Air Flow works with the methodology of flowing air where an entire air unit flows in a steady way with uniform velocity. In this unit, it creates a flow that is free from bacterial & microbial environments. Here air flows through HEPA filters then fed into the working chamber with descending flow. From that air, it flowed back into the working environment. When air is allowed to flow through a filtration system then exhausted across the work surface. Usually, this filtration system compromises a HEPA filter & pre-filter, where the laminar flow cabinet is sustained to prevent blocking of intrusion of this contaminated airflow.