Hardness Tester Manufacturer

Features of Hardness Tester

  • Damage Resistant
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Impact Size, Easy Operation
  • Test at any angle even upside down
  • Easy measurements on large and heavy workpieces.

These Hardness Testing Machines are very easy to tailor to the client’s specifications due to their excellent accuracy and broad measuring range. Its distinctive form enables this instrument to measure in any direction. It is a portable instrument with a wide range of industrial applications. To ensure this product’s performance and quality, we create it using the best materials and even undertake a second check in our lab.

Our hardness testing equipment is based on many years of expertise in providing a variety of equipment around the world and keeping in close contact with the users of that equipment. Our testing systems’ cutting-edge mechanical components, potent electronics, and user-friendly software make them adaptable and very intelligent.

The hardness tester products you will find at PCE Instruments (PCE) are used for determining surface hardness. Each hardness tester uses a standard method of measurement. The measuring principles of most hardness tester devices are based on either the penetration of a diamond indentor into the material being tested or a calculation related to the force of the rebound after striking the tested material. However, material hardness can also be measured accurately through ultrasonic testing. Each hardness testing method has its benefits and will allow for the precise measurement of material hardness by the technical specifications of the hardness testing instrument.

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