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Effem Technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of moisture Balance in New Delhi. A digital moisture balance is a laboratory instrument used to determine the moisture content of a sample. It works by heating the sample and measuring the weight loss as the moisture is evaporated. The instrument typically consists of a heating chamber and a balance, with a digital display that shows the weight of the sample before and after heating. The sample is placed on the balance inside the heating chamber and the instrument applies heat until the sample reaches a constant weight, indicating that all the moisture has been evaporated.

The moisture balance is commonly used in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture to determine the moisture content of raw materials, finished products, and intermediate stages of production. It is also used in research laboratories for various scientific experiments. In many fields, a digital moisture balance is a necessary tool for quality control requirements. The MOC63u adapts to various materials and increases your work efficiency.

Features of Moisture Balance:

Long-life and high-power halogen heaters provide quick and accurate measurements. The temperature can be changed from 50 degrees to 200 degrees Celsius. You can check the sample status from the window during measurement.

Moisture balances are analytical instruments used to determine the moisture content of a sample. When selecting a moisture balance, it is important to consider the following specifications:

  • Capacity: The maximum weight of the sample that the balance can handle.
  • Readability: The most minor change in weight that the balance can detect. The higher the readability, the more precise the measurement.
  • Accuracy: The degree to which the measured value corresponds to the true value. The accuracy of a moisture balance is typically expressed as a percentage of the actual value.
  • Repeatability: The ability of the balance to produce the same result when weighing the same sample multiple times.
  • Heating source: There are two main heating sources used in moisture balances: Halogen bulbs typically provide faster drying times, but infrared heaters offer more precise control over the heating process.
  • Temperature range: The range of temperatures at which the balance can operate.
  • Calibration: It is important to ensure that the balance is calibrated properly to ensure accurate measurements. Some moisture balances have built-in calibration functions, while others require manual calibration.
  • Display: The display should be easy to read and provide clear and accurate measurements.
  • Interface: Some moisture balances offer the ability to connect to a computer or other device for data transfer or remote control.
  • Safety features: Moisture balances typically involve the use of high temperatures, so it is important to consider safety features such as automatic shutoff and protective shields.

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