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Features of Leak Test Apparatus:

• Fully micro controlled first time in India.
• Simultaneously display of time and volume on display module
• Start delay/Retention/Vacuum hold time can be set as per requirement from 0-999 seconds
• Graphical LCD large size , bright LCD display
• Automatic release of vacuum from dessicator at the end of the test.
• Meet USP 28 packaging practice specification.
• Vacuum and Time can be programmed.
• Set required vacuum and count down Hold Time.
• Built in portable , maintenance free, oil free vacuum pump
We are leading the preparation of a fully automated leak test apparatus with an in-built printer.
Leak Test Apparatus is a solid-state apparatus created for the testing of chemical leaks in food, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial products. The device is used to evaluate how well tablets, granules, and liquids are packaged in strips, blisters, and sachets. They are also used to make if the product’s seals are completely intact.

The unit contains a polycarbonate desiccator housing to sustain the vacuum for a long time. A compact vacuum pump for creating a high vacuum level in the short time is used.


PrinterAttachment of DOT matrix printer
SETUP’S Setup’s5 Programmable user setups for quick analysis
Accessories– Main Apparatus along with vacuum pump
– Polycarbonate desiccator along with connecting tube
– Instruction Manual
PowerAC 230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz
Optional– IQ / OQ Documentation
– DOT matrix printer
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